Pair of Giraffes with Entwined Necks Against a Black Background by quincyfloyd
Impressing the Ladies.  Male American Goldfinch.  Mating ritual. by NatureinLight
Approaching the mating dance by AnnuO
Displaying 2 by MaggieClaire
Great crested grebes by Olha_Lavrenchuk
Northern Red Bishop-6669 by dtcheung
Pin-tailed Whydah DSC07665 by dtcheung
Tom Turkey by novedmij
Great Blue Herons - Mating Rituals by CarolHuffmanPhotography
Northern Red Bishop-6823 by dtcheung
Texas Machimso  by RobertWRozell
Northern Crested Cararcara performing a mating ritual. by Dcrisp
Pin-tailed Whydah DSC07665 by dtcheung
The proposal by Olha_Lavrenchuk
The Dance by MaggieClaire
"Dancing" by markhewlett
Blue-footed Booby Dance by BFinkelstein
Least Tern-4719 by dtcheung
Vulture aerial mating ritual by Skykink
Albino Peacock by macropixel
Pin-tailed Whydah DSC08221 by dtcheung
Bickering by CarolHuffmanPhotography
Great Blue Heron by cilla8
Venice Rookery 02232017-3541 by billkraft
Mating Ritual by Kim-mareeJenke
The Gift by BethGoetzman
Eagles love flight by mkral
How To Woo a Gannet by BarbMarszalek
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