Hands by immaginEmozioni
By the Bay by hendraxu
Gli occhi di Martina (b&W) by marcogabbuggiani
Gli occhi di Martina (clolours) by marcogabbuggiani
Tired hands by AFGalopp
Winter attire  by heathersheri
La musica nel cielo fra le nuvole  by giannizigante
VERERA Altea by EleonoraC
Serie: Nicole by johnoliverph
Mani stanche by marcogabbuggiani
[ Lens.in.Blossom ] by Miss_Kerouac
Pebbles from sacred Lake Manasarovar with hieroglyphs and main  Buddhist mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum". by Alexander_Verevkin
Miss Verera  by EleonoraC
Hand by gasparini_emma
Mani stones inscribed with Sanskrit mantras. Mani deriving from the Avalokiteshvara mantra om mani pad me hum, but the term mani stone is used for all stones or plates with any mantra. They are placed along the roadside by Buddhist devotees by sabeenaontour
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