Lion by Michael_Shake
Lion in the Bush by Stephwillemse
Scarface, King of the Mara by anitarossview
Lion after eating on a kill in Savuti,Chobe Botswana by camerongoebel
A Lion's Fury by anitarossview
Male Lion Silhouete in B&W by gavinudal
Lion by BlackWindow
Male Lion by gavinudal
Stepping into the light by sarahmoscrop
Photo  by S_Pollard
The pride within  by JoffersMcCormick
Photo  by S_Pollard
Photo  by S_Pollard
Greeting the Morning Light by anitarossview
Lion King "Lex" by Ingramfoto
A Royal Spat by gavinudal
Photo  by S_Pollard
" Breathe " by Ingramfoto
Portrait of a young male lion by bryonworthen
Young male lion  by JoffersMcCormick
Photo  by S_Pollard
Lion Isolated On Black by Michael_Shake
Lion by prabhuknathan
Early morning walk by christaniederer
Up close and really personal. by gavinudal
Pierré Strydom Male Lion by PierreStrydom10
Lion@PaigntonZoo1 by D_Soumen
Pierre Strydom male lion by PierreStrydom10
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