algonquin july 2016 152106 - Version 2 (1) by gonewildshutterworks
Pisces Rising - Common loon with fish by JimCumming
Spots by douglasunger
Loon times two by Tanya333
Loon expresses itselg by stephenbraunginn
With Attitude! by Tanya333
Sit & Wait by questforwildlife
Loon Closeup by Tanya333
loone&babes by geoffs
Mama Loon And The Chick by GigiJim08
Crossing Paths by Tanya333
Common Loon & chick by Grenfell
algonquin july 2017 24535 - Version 2 by gonewildshutterworks
Fishing Around by GigiJim08
Reflection of a Loon by Basciano_Photography
Morning Loon by Tanya333
Crab Anyone? by deannefortnam
play with full moon :) double expo! by jopa_1030
Loon with chick by JimCumming
Loon by Tanya333
Common Loon with her baby by philippedebruyne
Common Loon by rhonna
Common loon on nest by JimCumming
red-trothed loon and chick resting by fredlemire
Protector by Basciano_Photography
Shy - Common Loon by JimCumming
Art, Happening. by Lukekat
Two and a Half Loons by Basciano_Photography
Loon Family by Tanya333
The Bounty by Basciano_Photography
Common loon skip by JimCumming
Common loon with shy chick by JimCumming
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