Newest additions to a pride.  by Roanroro
Impala by japiemaritz
Those lashes girl! by LuaGrace
Lion Hunt by mikec1970
Cheetah Trio by inXSWildlife
Lilac-breasted Roller by wildpainter
Lilac-breasted Roller calling! by wildpainter
Thirst by GeraintI
It feels like a pajama kind of day by GeraintI
Perfect Pose by GeraintI
Even though the impala is the most common animal you’ll likely see on a safari drive in South Africa, i never tire of their expressive faces. by GeraintI
The Cape Glossy Starling by GeraintI
Cute Spotted Hyena puppy by stephandupreez
hyena pup by GeraintI
One of my favourite birds: the Cape Glossy Starling  by GeraintI
African Tree Squirrel by GeraintI
Lion kill by mikec1970
little devil by alexandrechoquette
After years of self-doubt and two failed auditions, Jimmy finally got his chance to do his world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa impersonation on "Kruger's got Talent". Yellow billed hornbill by GeraintI
A touch of red  by GeraintI
Lions with cubs by wildpainter
Ground Hornbill by wildpainter
Natural Born Leader - African Wild Dog, Kruger National Park, South Africa. by japiemaritz
Ground Hornbill - female by wildpainter
Footprints in the sand by wildpainter
Big Boss Buffalo by wildpainter
And a surprise in 3 ... 2 ... 1  by GeraintI
Hedge Trimmer! by wildpainter
The Southern Ground Hornbill by GeraintI
Even though when by himself this is the most dangerous thing he can do ... he can't go without it by GeraintI
Juvenile Brown-Snake Eagle by GeraintI
Laugh by GeraintI
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