Steenbok (raphicerus campestris) taking a rest to escape from the heat by AnnieMF
Gemsbok by RinsWouda
The Story of the Lucky Kalahari Lion by irisbraun
Water by irisbraun
Run jackal, run!  by joankleynhans
Spotted Eagle Owl by AnnieMF
Beauty by irisbraun
Giraffe drinking water by AnnieMF
Observing by karenvanderkolk
Friends for live by Simon_eeman
Kalahari Queen by irisbraun
Cheetah by IvyDene
Scarred by adriennekotze
Goshawk by MattBarker88
Tempest brewing by davemullin
Kudu Bull in his prime by AnnieMF
Lilac-breasted Roller on take-off by AnnieMF
Gemsbokat waterhole by RinsWouda
Marshall Eagle and Namaqua Dove by IvyDene
Sociable Weavers by IvyDene
Catching a meal by johanmocke
Hunter by irisbraun
Lion in Kgalagadi by IvyDene
Kalahari king by Simon_eeman
Giraffe looking for shade by AnnieMF
This is my domain! ???? by Chayangel86
Lazy Lion by ZS1RA
Lanner Falcon by AnnieMF
Thirsty Secretary Birds by AnnieMF
Ostrich bath time by IvyDene
Focussed by johan_barnard