Mandarin Duck by Creative_Intervention
Homestead Ruins by MsJudi
Palouse Tree by clfowler
Namibian Tree in Monochrome by SURREALIMAGE
 Barn owl  by chris_smith
Iris Blossom by MaxRastello
Monochrome Tree by SURREALIMAGE
Farewell-Spit by bobcgnz
Black-tailed godwit by Olha_Lavrenchuk
the beauty of death by kittybern
eagle eye by SURREALIMAGE
Fruit Taster by SURREALIMAGE
Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) by petelaw7
Lollipop by Pankeev
Catching Motion by windycorduroy
Cocacola sign  by DaveLoucks
yellow flower by RobynC
Ithaca Falls by Sean_Sheppard
isolated flower-1 by SURREALIMAGE
Nest Building by windycorduroy
Pristine Wilderness by gldosa
Ladybird by JadeIsaac
Playing it Cool by windycorduroy
map butterfly (Araschnia levana)  by Michaelmeijer
sshh it's a secret

 by janetpearce
Contemplating Brunette Beauty  by stefanschug
Red Tulips by windycorduroy
Pink Lilies by MsJudi
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