PTSD - Hopelessness or Help to Escape by VictorHawk
Pearls of Desolation: The Wonders of Mordor II by peterburu
Desespero by AdCarreira
Porcelain Prisons by sarahallegra
Lonely in the dark. by Kireev
Remembrance by Darrenp
Man who wants freedom. by Kireev
Neglected Beauty by GracefulFoto
Lonely Girl Looking for Happiness in Nature by AngelaWaye
Suspended. by Kireev
Emotions. by Kireev
Motorcyclist breaking the birch by ykd
Giving UP (2) by jenat
Shattered View by LadySunday
Resigned by HopeCharmaine
I Am Universal  by LadySunday
Fire Kiss by LadySunday
Lonely girl sitting on a rock in sorrow by nizhava1956
Blizzard Queen  by LadySunday
Grief by ginnyosbornetracy
Katrina Couch by DavidDamer
Door to nowhere by VictorHawkAus
The Wait by DavidDamer
Split Goddess  by LadySunday
Desolation by mdrewzion
poor dog  by yukha
Depression by SpaceMonkeys
ship of desert by gadgekapil
Quirktastic by LadySunday
Photo  by valeriespencer
The Working Man between Light and Dark. by aredemptio
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