Helix Bridge Singapore by jpnjoe
The Kelpies by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Helix Bridge by caitlinelise
Helix Bridge Singapore by Invisibleguy
St. Patrick's Well by benhull
IMG_1152.2017.Kelpies  by bobbytaylor71
IT'S ME AGAIN! by mariawojtylak
Golden Longwing by johannesoehl
IMG_1152.2018.Kelpies  by bobbytaylor71
Helical Staircase, Cambridge, UK by scottsinclair
DSC3792 Vatican Museum Staircase by SteveCorcoran
Double Helix Staircase by kathymuhle
Into the darkness by aaronchoiphoto
DNA~The Double Helix by Click_Here
HELIX by PRL_NaturesMystique
By a Thread by MostlyZenPhotography
St Patrick's Well Staircase by benhull
3E9CEF41-C6FD-4D47-97D8-FB49A03B747C by tommysmith_9536
Helix Bridge by Txilekoa
Solemness by aaronchoiphoto
Helix by rodboothman
St Patricks Well Looking Up by benhull
DoubleHelixBridge by AlanC
Vatican Museum Staircase by danklenck
Roman snail by Michaelmeijer
Garden snail by Iberic
The Helix Bridge by GkCM
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