Golden vs Stick by Michael_Higgins
Snow Leopard by James_Markus
A Snarling Queen. by WhistlingThorn
Growling Lion-1 by SURREALIMAGE
Hear Me Roar by sharonwilliams_9316
Smile for the camera by DPMPhotography
Fangs very much by duanenorrie
Not a happy kitty by DPMPhotography
Growling Lion-2 by SURREALIMAGE
Tabby Or Tiger by kipperkev
Almost close enough to smell his breath by LizC
Guess who won this stare down? by liammcdonald
Grrrrowl.... by DancingAspensPhotography
Move Away Now! by peterfarmer
Cheeky by terryc
Scream! by Zzuzka
Grrr by douglasrichardson
Licks from a Lion by ruthjolly
Snarl! by rturnbow
Growler by Foxyphotos
momma's cranky by JeffK2774
Lazy Growl by PhilMcCabe
Grizzley Growling by Lovesphoto
Stuff I Wonder About Hockey . . . Why Does Calgary Flames Lance Bouma Always Look So Angry by stuffAboutHockey
Tiger by MPredinchuk
African Lioness  by Daisy87
Lions Having a Disagreement by RMBphoto
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