Guadalupe great white shark by LeightonLum
Huge whites sharks of guadalupe 2 by LeightonLum
Great White Shark by MattWFrost
Head On by LeightonLum
Great Whites by LeightonLum
Jaws by LeightonLum
Great White Shark by LeightonLum
I just love it when the models are easy to work with and pose themselves so easily! (Sharkasm on a Monday) One of the difficulties of photographing nature is the unpredictability of your subjects. I truly enjoy the challenge it brings and it forces me to  by mattmarchant
Stalking Shark  by AaynaKelsey
Great white  by LeightonLum
Great White  by markgottesman
Great white by LeightonLum
Sharks circling resize by LeightonLum
Great Blk and Wht by LeightonLum
IMG_20170224_093136_245 by Hayley_9687
Face to Face by williambuchheit
I really enjoy capturing peaceful nature and human interaction. It makes me hopeful that we can continue to make life better for these creatures and others that need our help. #savethesharks #divewithsharks #sharksarecool #greatwhite #whiteshark #finsaref by mattmarchant
Great White Tail by MattWFrost
Marsh Flight by ChixPixPhotography
The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time by TheWanderingHoneybadger
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