This is Africa! by kimpaffen
Lunch With Emily by rascalphoto
Palomino Mustang by HappyTree
American Paint Horse in the Tetons by JeffBrenner
Guten Tag! by dmytrokorol
Molly grazing by zoemeadows
Dylan + Katie Photography by dylantjader
Snack Time by AMPeterson
Sneaking a snack  by mcampi
Ovis aries (III): Bellwethers and riggwelters by MicktheGreek
Lone Majestic Elk by CreativeEye2018
evening grazing by SURREALIMAGE
Wild Horses by DavidMBuckwalter
Photo  by alainlacroix
Grass Fed by markcote
Always looks your best... even in the mountains and the fields. by departingyyz
Shhh  do not disturb by AmandaJayne
Rhinoceros Wrinkles by sallyG11
Radiant Beauty by p_eileenbaltz
Pony Grazing by douglasunger
Double rainbow over the Otago Peninsula_01 by phil_bird
Buren mill by colinjdavidson
Icelandic Sheep at Sunset by nickelphoto
Up close and personal  by Kerry_Zim
Group goose grazing by Michaelmeijer
Cotton Candy by Shutterbugshirley51
Grazing by terryc
Horse at sunset by Damibai
Wild Horses by richardpetersen
Photo  by Dave324
Breakfast By The Pool II by Allen66
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