Golden Forest by cpdoogan
Regret by wenchejostad
Wat Hong Thong by Sivapoom_Yamasaki
Framed at Sunrise by Pete_Rowbottom
Rainy Superstition by wayneslandphotography
Strokes of Sunlight by vincentfennis
Tuscany by dariasobieraj
Coastal Reflections by SteveBadger
Stay Golden by ChrystalOlivero
s11 by Filkina
wheat storm by RAWrightphotography
P2090229-3 by Katherinelynnphotography
#63 - Golden Protection by Cokies004
autumn barn by aimeemcmasterphotography
The Sentinel by lisaholloway
Daughter of Midas by abbykroke
Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt by liammcdonald
Camer just above the tiny splashing waves at Snoqualamie Falls by jasonmatias
Golden sunrise by GiovanniModesti
Gold confetti by Daniel_E_Photography
Frida by Dasha
Ore Wagon (Bodie) B&W by markcote
View from the Burrows House by ctscapes
Wedding rings in the rain by LelaKieler
Aimée - GoldLips by George_A_Rauscher
Sparkling Eyes by akphotographystudio
The Golden Moment by romanburri
Golden Mornings in Paris by aimhernandez
Sisters by lisaholloway
Eternal Flow by michaelwilliams_6024