Two Elephants at Sunset in South Africa by lynnbolt
elephant by Lorirarey
Elephant by Trudie
Elephants  by PegiSuepix
Just my best friend Floyd! by Katnott
Asian Queen by terriemcclay_2545
Quiet giant by lucasratengmboya
Elephant  by Trudie
Little Giant by Graemeg
elephant mum and calf with trunk raised by fionaruthetkin
IMG_3860 by HattonPhotography
IMG_3898 by HattonPhotography
What Natural Barrier? by bylifeconnected
Water Crossing by nikebambery
Dreams in Two Places by BKoesel
humpback whales by TjardaDeRooij
This gorgeous creature is demonstating the cooling mechanism that elephants employ. They beat their ears in the wind and the breeze cools the blood in the ears as it travels around the body by katherinemorrison
Christmas Dane by Pepsidaisy
Gorilla Love - Bronx Zoo B&W by nicole_loizos
Gorilla Love - Bronx Zoo by nicole_loizos
Humpback Whales by TjardaDeRooij
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