pooped out pooch by JamieLawsonPhotography
Thirsty by Roberto_Sorin
breakdown by bildevilde
Frustrated at life when things are broken, missing, and falling apart. by StephanieReneTurner
Lonely Girl Looking for Happiness in Nature by AngelaWaye
Frustrated by MDawnStone
domestic goddess? by petroleroux1612
Cry Now Smile Later by manueltcanseco
Elusive Answers by jwine05
Take that iPhone! by mattmceuen
static in my attic by djaren
Christmas Frustrations by pcplus
Cherry Girl by Littlejo
Frustrated by valeriequintana
I'm fine  by nataliathomson
Nooooooooooooo !!!!!! by carinaios
Funny Housewife Cleanning House with Children by AngelaWaye
Little Skate Dude by heathermchenrywilson
Ugh - Early Snowfall!  Yuck. by jefcwru
I scream at myself for being naive and foolish, please forgive me!  by ianalbert
More Homework by karenr
Not now  by Brokensky1829
Stress Mother Watching Kids Make a Mess by AngelaWaye
Dear Monday... by terencejaques
Homeless drinking a beer by Roberto_Sorin
Portrait of angry, frustrated looking young student girl. by avspremkumar
Hope. Frustration mounts when the family pictures aren’t going as planned. by CathyHubbard
Frustrated boy playing video games by LukaM
No Fish for You! by cchimera
HELP by Kyle_J_Smith
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