Contemplation by RonRogers
Violet Twilight Finch by oddballz
Mr House Finch Perched On Blues by oddballz
Juvenile Finch by oddballz
Mr Finch Grunge Perch by oddballz
Miss Finch Morning Song by oddballz
Male House Finch Posted On Top by oddballz
Male Finch Poses On Post by oddballz
Posted Purple Finch by oddballz
Miss Finch Strikes A Pose On Green by oddballz
Mr Finch Afternoon Bokeh by oddballz
Proud Mr Finch on Perch by oddballz
Hungry Mr Finch by oddballz
House Finches in the Morning Sun by RonRogers
Black Headed Grosbeak Juvenile Male by allen
Styling Purple Finch by oddballz
Oregon Junco in the Morning Sun by RonRogers
Mr Finch Looking Handsome by oddballz
Mr Finch On A Stick by oddballz
American Goldfinch Male in Breeding Plumage by allen
lesser redpoll  (Acanthis cabaret) by chris_smith
Cassin's Finch by allen
Lesser Finch Male First Spring by allen
Miss Finch Good Side by oddballz
Female Purple Finch On Bokeh Branch by oddballz
Pyrrhula pyrrhula in the wind by JuanC_Nature
Miss Finch Bokeh Perch by oddballz
Miss Finch Backlit Branch by oddballz
Casin's Finch Male by allen
Evening Grosbeak Female by allen
Yellow-fronted Canary by lordalpha69
Cassin's Finch Male by allen
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