the first days of the autumn... by grandpa_Vlad
Freshwater Bay by samanthawellsphotography
Yabby by ValleyGirl76
Headlands Path by SaltyBonesPhotos
last dance of a snail by cristus
Oriental Garden by rickyenofsky
Storm Eleanor 3-1-18 6751 w by Hov1s
Sundown from the cave by Hov1s
Wasaga_Beach_01 by santanasweetland
Freshwater Bay Sunrise HDR 6362 W by Hov1s
Fishing by tahirabbasawan
Loch Maree by cpdoogan
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse by dannyboyfraser
chinese pond heron by karl78
Illuminated Hohenzollern Bridge with Cathedral by johannesoehl
American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) at Sunrise by tonybruguiere
Scherni falls by roccocalogero
Freshwater Shrimp by LookSee
I Warned You! by LookSee
Rimouski, Quebec Province, Canada.  You can see the St. Lawrence River in the background.  The St. Lawrence is where all the Great Lakes flow to snd it, in turn, flows into the Atlantic Ocean.  Farms hug the coastline. by reh037
Waterlilly by rickyenofsky
Watch It! by LookSee
IMG_7085-1 Morning's Birds by mhaeri
Breathing Water by LookSee
Tortoise by Toptruck
trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) swimming in lake by Michaelmeijer
Photo  by MCBecker
Freshwater Shrimp (II.) by LookSee
phewa Lake by sunilmanandhar
Lake Shrimp by LookSee
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