Grey heron fishing by mikehodgson
bon appetit by kasper
Cruel world by TravelAllWorld
"Yummy!" by Jasmine92
RIMG4635 predator fly by MERCEDESS
Camel by pramodnikam
Of Cats and Birds by Yorge
end of a fish by kasper
Turkey Vulture by Effess
Lion King by AbinavManikantan
Never Give Up by vikasdatta
Wheee! by skrstevsky
Hungry hungry bird by Nicquinnimages
The kill by moritzleonard
Busy Bee by banubalaji
Owl and vole on post by irisheyes
Damsel fly with prey by johnpreston_5231
Movie title: Insect underworld (coming soon)

Starring: Flies vs. Ants

Stor by edeminramirez
Looking down on us. by nickheinimann
Lunch time! by Arlette
With the ice pack forming later and later each year, this mom and cub were fortunate to find this dead walrus.  Just by chance I was able to capture a moment when both mom and cub had their tongues out by KatiMaiSeiffer
FliesOnTheMenu by Nafrea
Bad luck Brian! by edvinnyitrai
Sumatran Tiger by AbinavManikantan
We Have Our Eyes on You. by JDPhotoz
Lunchbreak... by betchaiponce
Heron gets a fish by helcroy
One Swallow by jemmapaigelorimer
Barbary Lion by AbinavManikantan
Butterfly bee by jennakrinsley
time to eat by melanie10-02
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