in Florence.. by dmitrysamsonov
Firenze by MarioHorvat
QU8A3472 by ericcriswell
Unconventional courtyard by AntonioMarchetti
Florence waters by gloglottoaisordi
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore at night by TravelPhotoAddicted
Voltinha by Santamartha
Firenze by Santamartha
allo by Santamartha
boats.. by dmitrysamsonov
Il Duomo After the Storm by AMills
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all ? by AntonioMarchetti
PadLock Love by sarabossoletti
Em frente by Santamartha
Ponte Vecchio Firenze Tuacany italy by SammyinBlack
Vecchio  by Santamartha
Firenze by jessicarocco
Florence, Italy by jelenaurevi
QU8A3454 by ericcriswell
Ponte Vecchio by Santamartha
Piazza dei Miracoli by benhull
firenze by jobau_
Sofia Camplioni Photography by sofiacamplioni
Fantasmas IV by klapouch
Duomo from above by RubenSeca
The Garden of Palazzo Medici-Ficcardi in Florance by russellgaughen
Cleaning the Uffizzi by leonardocaporale