Swift Sparrows by miwifoto
House Finches Partaking In Dinner by mulvi1
European Goldfinch 7M9A4970a by jasonzinsmayer
Male and Female House Finches by thejerd
Male House Finch by thejerd
pretty little red-head by ritafadams
4 little finches sitting in a tree by RobynC
Contemplation by RonRogers
The Luv Birds... by florence
Finch against bark by ritafadams
Birds Birds Birds 2015 061 by thunderlake
Hawfinch 7M9A9674a by jasonzinsmayer
Dinner party for birds by beckykempf
Finches  and Leaves Silhouette by lbrody
Red Browed Finch by jonwestaway
duo, adult and young by ritafayeadams
Feeding station by stuartwadeson
Mid-air fight by eileenmc
American Goldfinch 7M9A0155a by jasonzinsmayer
Finchsicle by JenFromCincy
House Finch by shaunak
Violet Twilight Finch by oddballz
The Bullfinch  by BrianpSlade
The Bullfinch by BrianpSlade
Living Dangerously by Kpicarella
Fence gang by Babybull
Eurasian Siskin 7M9A1057a by jasonzinsmayer
Mr House Finch Perched On Blues by oddballz
The Reflection Pool by BrianpSlade
Bird Buddies by DMBell
Hurry Back Spring ~ by ReneeBlake
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