She is the One - B&W Edition by DISCOVERABRUZZO_dot_IT
I Saw Something Interesting - B&W & Cropped version by Discover_Abruzzo
Focus by TravelAbruzzo
Felix! by AdrianUrse
Lynx by TravelAbruzzo
In Lynx Eyes by TravelAbruzzo
Felix portrait by jimhaycock
I Saw Something Interesting - Cropped version by Discover_Abruzzo
Fret by Eyeteeth
Here Kitty, Kitty by HaliSowle
Iwo Jima Memorial Hands - Infrared by igzabeher
Elle Forde for Jame Felix by jamesfelix
I Saw Something Interesting by TravelAbruzzo
Killer Instinct by TravelAbruzzo
Felix. Eyes of unconditional love... by alexeihartmann
Felix our Himalayan kitten by bettyhabesch
A rip toward the sky by emanuelebalboni
Black Cat by kcphotofilm
Anna & Felix by alexeihartmann
MadEye for James Felix by jamesfelix
Feline Fancy by hasaanrafique
Felix by kcphotofilm
Felix our new family member by bettyhabesch
His shadow is circular.... *sigh...*  by ruthrmcelhose
Blast by Eyeteeth
Begging cat by carlosaaviles
Felix snoozing by ruthrmcelhose
Felix the cat by stefanbracke
Minji Cho for James Felix by jamesfelix
 a swivel of fun by felix
lifes a play ground by felix
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