Early morning sunrise in the South Atlantic by CarliS
Cape Pembroke Lighthouse, Falkland Islands by CarliS
King Penguins by michellegrahamphotography
King Penguins by Adam_Pritchard75
Adult King Penguin Amongst Juveniles by andyp77
Magellanic Oystercatchers by andyp77
Gypsy Cove is a small bay located on the west side of Yorke Bay on East Falkland in the Falkland Islands. Yorke Bay beach was heavily mined during the 1982 Argentine occupation of the Falkland Islands and a large area of the bay is still fenced off as the expanding sand dunes have buried any remaining mines too deeply for advanced detection equipment to find. On a positive note, Magellanic Penguins which inhabit the area have benefited from their undisturbed control of the beaches, resulting in an unplanned, man-made wildlife refuge where tourists can view the penguins safely from a distance without disrupting their habitat. by ahindson
Gentoo Penguins on the March by andyp77
Beaks of the Juvenile King penguin by andyp77
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