The icy pond by tommysmith_9536
Cailpeach  by jennycameron
Canal Reflections by alanwhyte
Kelpie by Steve--photography--
Light play by busterbrown_449
Streaked Wise by Shades48
They kelpis by tommysmith_9536
Kelpie Reflections by dereksouter
The Kelpie by valdi
The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland by HeatherOliver
The kelpies by vickiallison
The Kelpies by pauldmessenger
Kelpies-Red by Rabstout
The Kelpies I Falkirk I Scotland. by davenelson
Lone Kelpie by gavinrichardson
Waiting for the wheel to turn by johnmontgomery
The Kelpies by JasperPhotography
The Darkie Tunnel, Falkirk by busterbrown_449
The Falkirk Wheel by neiltoyne
Kelpie vs Moon by cpdoogan
Kelpies falkirk by tommysmith_9536
Kelpie sky by dgmdigitalp
StarGate  by valdi
Kelpie by lynnbolt
Kelpie power by dgmdigitalp
Blue Kelpies by SteveCrampton
Falkirk Wheel at the Top by HeatherOliver
swan 2 by alistairforrest
The Kelpies by neilcoleran-photography
Kelpies 2 by alistairforrest
The Kelpies - Helix Park Falkirk by scotsann
Kelpie by leeniven