Pain & Failure by MelHudspeth
PTR_5852 by sukmaptra
PTR_5854 by sukmaptra
this is also me by bendymummy
Can't sing, can't play - what's his name? Otway! by Offshore50
Operation Table (What if I Never Wake Up?) by bmthorizonline
angry  by heatherszarka
cool car standing by the road in the village by NikLan
_PTR9318-2 by sukmaptra
There is Nothing New Under the Sun. by Tompotato
Fallen by Revel8Now
Staring Blank into History by dunestewart
Untalented And Shirtless by KickPics
PTR_5751 by sukmaptra
The Working Man between Light and Dark. by aredemptio
Yellow Jacket Nest  by marcmeadows
Oh!! God by rinesh
Failure  by Adityabharadwaj26
Desolation by viewm
cracked nut by dtflyer
_PTR9599 by sukmaptra
Symbol of a lost love by Pippocarlot
When it all goes wrong by TakenWithAPhone
Failure by elenagonzalez_6866
PTR_0543 by sukmaptra
kimono study by sgseko
Tachometer by Pippocarlot
Fortress Oreshek. - Крепость Орешек. by serebro
IMG_2015Tough Place to Live by judymonroe
PTR_0579 by sukmaptra
_PTR8446 by sukmaptra
Jacking Gear damage by dorwin