Facade - Detial by MickAlicic
Decaying House by MsJudi
Green coverage by AnnuO
Toronto Dominion Centre No 79 Wellington St W by thelearningcurve
Chapel Ruins by snowdon
Shadow and Light on N Street by Cookies4U
York Minster by Martingp
Clothes Pins by lyndaschafferlehmann
DSC_0200 by Hamburgensie
No 525 University Ave Toronto Canada by thelearningcurve
Burano Sketch by KayBrewer
Royal Palace of Madrid by averycarter
Antique shop by Alma-Hasanovic
Old Post Office Tower by MsJudi
Angulated Facade by GkCM
Rows of Yellow Windows by GkCM
No 325 Bay St Toronto Canada by thelearningcurve
Architectural composition #1 by oleksandrakazymirska
20161113_225512 by Hamburgensie
L Tower Toronto Canada by thelearningcurve
Commerce Court Courtyard View No 1 by thelearningcurve
Downtown Toronto Fogfest No 5 by thelearningcurve
My husband, David, loved taking architectural images, especially churches.  This church is in Lowell, MA. by reh037
The sunken church by evgeni_ivanov
Skyscraper - Frankfurt am Main by Seisselberg
Window by lyndaschafferlehmann
 Night city by alexey_gorshenin
Yellow Shop by cclaude
Eiffel framed by leaves by octavboban
3:00 by albyn
THE MONSTERY WITHIN by lyndaschafferlehmann