Elegant Beauty by JoyceDickens
Roses Are White, Cactus Is Rose by oneofacard
P1010215 by olivierjoly
epiphyllum crenatur by germanadechellis
Epiphyllum hookeri or Hybrid by CLodge
You Got Me 'Coral Mist'-ified by oneofacard
Orchid Cactus Bloom by gregoryschultz
Heavenly Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus by JoyceDickens
Queen of the night by RidwanFitriansyah
A Sensational Sunrise by oneofacard
E.ackermannii by Debbie_Carmichael
Love At First Bite  by oneofacard
Wish Number Two, Ducky Too by oneofacard
Ain't That A Crock - Epi. Curds n Whey by oneofacard
Epiphyllum ~ 'Daisy Dean'... by kenrosling
annnd Touchdown! - Lady Of Mars by oneofacard
Ballerina's Pink Tutu by oneofacard
Cacti, Pink And Paler  by oneofacard
Velvetized cactus flower -  Epiphyllum 'Midnight' by oneofacard
Cactus Flower by carolundy
Star light, Star bright by Ethanbay
Ode To Dale And Buttermilk by oneofacard
Pretty in Pink by Ethanbay
What's Cookin' ? by oneofacard
Pink Orchid Cactus by Ethanbay
Jungle Cactus - Front And Center by oneofacard
Epiphyllum Anguliger by sonickyouth
Nipper In The Bud by oneofacard
Epiphyllum ~ 'Li'l Riley'...  by kenrosling
SwanStarFlower by oneofacard
Quynh.BMT4071-5 by daklakfoto
Flower Burst by Ethanbay
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