intense stare by JulieAnnNewell
Prince - Being Royal by Totoosart
An Eye Worth Capturing by joelk1983
Memory Lane. by zyxwv
the look by imagesbystephendavis
in the blink of an eye I see me by AnneDphotography
_DSC1827 by stephengabryk
the eye is the window to the soul by CaitlynIsabelle
I Keep My Eye On You by Thomas_Knox
Peek-a-Boo by brentflynn
Dog's Eye View by devonkorbage
Determined Gaze by Thomas_Knox
One Blue Eye by myerscreativephotography
Gus the collie by lynefournier
Stanley Mutt Mutt by dkvart1
Lab Puppy by larrymarshall
Focus B&W by StaceyFrost
Shasta by myerscreativephotography
Millies Eye by wenchejostad
Ray of Sun by tidesend
Calm by clifffawcett
Millie Looking Soulful by MeTooTimesTwo
eyes by lyubomirstoykov
BlackLab by pbarket
AnnaBelle by clukowski
Best Friend by DrPhrogg
Look into the future by TaraWillow
Simi's Eyes, Face and a Paw ;-) by BobTam
Writing and thinking by HoResPhotography
True Love by SarahSwin
Dog's eye by HeidiBrewer
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