Read my mind by davidyack
St. Davids by denicaryphillips
The face of Bowie by jasoncoyle
Abraham Lake by Belfastgirl
The road to Mount McKinley by davidyack
Street Art in Houston, Texas by Confalonieri
Statue of David by GigiJim08
Receiving the water or baptism by shovel by davidianhiggins
American Robin Male Feeding Chick on Wooden fence post - Turdus migratorius - Photo by David R. Smith by DRSmithFoto
The A1 Pacific Tornado Steam Train by TimMatthews160
Happy St DAVIDS DAY by AmandaJayne
The Escape by davidyack
Ghost Bride of the Battery by franklinhudson
Jacob at 6 months by davidrelph
Orphans have fun! by wildpainter
Seattle at night with Mt Rainier by davidyack
Black Sand Beach Church.  by davidholderbach
An Evening on the Porch by davidrichterphoto
A seat in the fall by davidrelph
tree reflections by susel
Afternoon Snack by davidyack
Balloon at dawn. by DaveHare
Fying Away by davidyack
Reighton Rocks by davidrelph
Out of the Blue by David_Eppley
Balloons over Valley of the Kings. by DaveHare
Male Red-winged Blackbird feeding -Agelaius phoeniceus - Photo by Robson Smith by DRSmithFoto
Bighorn Sheep. Kootenay Plains  by huwddu