Fajada Butte by diannlroy
2019.05.11_Georgia Renaissance Festival_IMG_3717 by Elbereth
The threat from the shadows 2 by Northern_Lights
Ani and Scarlet in search of the snake that lives at the waterfall  by AprilRoseMore
Mort by modelphotographic
kayaks by halcook
Girls With Knives by cynthiasaphire
Desert Floral by emileabbott
Athame 1 by RMCROC
The Vampire Slayer by mikewooten
American Dagger Moth caterpillar by sheilawinter
2019.05.11_Georgia Renaissance Festival_IMG_3721 by Elbereth
2019.05.11_Georgia Renaissance Festival_IMG_3715 by Elbereth
Dagger by DonnaPGrindley
No Black Hearts by RobynAber
Trouble  by max77
Le Streghe by CMCLONDON
2019.05.11_Georgia Renaissance Festival_IMG_3714 by Elbereth
IMG_1849 by PaulBrothers
Spanish Boynet by brigittethompson
The Stance by SuzSimonds
The Spear-Headed Fence by lezaanv
Yes you with the Big Nose !!! by CarltonR
DSC03126(1).JPG by Nauta
Photo  by anishali
Thai designer uses UK commando dagger logo by deanjameswaters
To be a fan of Game of Thrones by Studio Derville
Vampire Slayer_0066- by mikewooten
Dagger Man by kevinmurphy
Photo  by martinbone
Reflection by marybethdaloiakahabka