Sleepy Butterflies Family by ayman_muhammad
Red aircrafts aerobatic group from the Swedish patrol, drawing Spanish flag figure in the sky by Roberto_Sorin
Moving to the basket by belchertownphotos
Synchronized Swimming by critique
Lizard Lady by DJCdelaHaye
Photo  by ginasaltarelli
Black beauty by cobyphotography
Service with a smile by johnwood
Perfect Timing by mariari
Colour coordination by Bumpsphoto
Oh so Blue. by Zie Cheong
colour concious by Syrphus
A great session yesterday afternoon with Leo Holroyd - focusing on coordination, high knee movement patterns and upper body timing.  Great progression was made and confidence was built over a 35 minute session.  #hurdles #running #movementpatterns #highknees #coordination #timing #athletictraining #relax #functionaltraining #feelgoodfromyourefforts #indoortraining by samcourton
Eurogym_01 by kaimdilekeno
Ants carrying leaves by mdaquin
Ants carrying leaves by mdaquin
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