Pleased to meet you . . .  by Pete_Rowbottom
Village Idiot (selfie) by derekgalon
Pip & Squeak fed up with posing by framing-places
An elk reacts to a butterfly landing on it s nose by SueClarkPhoto
ALARDE by RamonZabala
Culmination of the scene by KonstantinSokolov
Eastern Sierras by jrfleury
Pure Humor by Vahoskins
#Brexit by RicardasJarmalavicius
????LMAO???? by Klk828061309
Angry Bird 1 by DaveLoucks
Lizzie by mattbelshaw
Doorman and Donkeys  in the New Forrest, Southern England. by 831John
20151027-IMG_1937 by Mystique_Studio
Who is the Master? by pvasone
Jurassic Pizza - self portrait #4 by tylerrobertoxley
Just a sip by Livelyg
Galli theater by immaginEmozioni
Funny Street Art by 831John
Dusting For Prints.  by antonybarbour
hey dude! grab a breath mint already! by inyrdreams
Jamming Dave by shaunfink
Dogs From Space by RCorneliusphoto
The Down Family Headstone by Cobber
Ooooh, suits you! by Fidster_Arfon
The world's most interesting pigeon by Patrick_Law
Perfecting the Matthew McConnaughey Rom-Com poster lean by Fidster_Arfon
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