Classics in our Midst by timmedora
In Red by jimbillups
Fine art photo of a classic Mercedes-Benz photographed with the fdl technique.  by sarelvanstaden
58' Olds Eighty Eight by Squig
Oksana by SSchaghaghi
REGLA HAVANA, CUBA - repairing the car, (black and white) by christopherbrearley
Photo  by BaaBaaBristol
62 Corvette by jimbillups
Buick by Byronfairphotography
Fine art photo of a classic Mercedes-Benz using the focused diffused lighting technique.  by sarelvanstaden
MG by kspindley
‘65 ‘Vette by SaltyPhotos
Buick Eight by Byronfairphotography
FJ Holden 1950's by helensheree
A drive around Cromer by Bobwhite
Blue car by EdithSmith27
Morgan B&W by kspindley
Lakeside Stocking Peek by IvoryRosePhotography
My Uncle and his ‘65 Stingray by SaltyPhotos
British Classics by kspindley
ac cobra by AlexVeness
Hillman by kspindley
57 Chevy by Dtraveler63
1953 Jaguar XK close-up fine art photo, lighting was done using a speed light with diffusers.  by sarelvanstaden
MG by kspindley
57 Caddy  by Allen66
Blue Ford by gogosviewbug
Jaguar E-Type by philtaylor_5129
Something like a movie set...:) When a wall of colourful, crazy yet artistic graffiti supports the fancy green of a Beetle, one cant miss the scene. Looks like the streets are turning into movie screens... by mandirabahl
Austin Six  by RUGladstone