Equilibrium by odedios
Food Chain by lanatolle
Motherhood by Kerry_Zim
hawk w chipmunk by coreynimmer
A Packed Lunch by snowdon
signs of spring by karl78
Hors D'oeuvre by DavidMBuckwalter
The Heron and the Catfish by MyPhotoAdventure
Statuesque by snowdon
The Lucky One by SherrylM
Fishing by MaggieClaire
brand-new by rachelurlich
Sparrowhawk by snowdon
Osprey with a fresh catch by richlabelle
Life amid death by Foxyphotos
Circle of Life by snowdon
Sweet Nectar by lplante
winter meal by keithns12
Feast fit for a king! by mobes
"A Predator's Stare" by ZaheerBakshPhotography
Barn Owl Lunch by MyPhotoAdventure
Lunch is Served by MyPhotoAdventure
Caught His Breakfast by MaggieClaire
Clean-up Crew by fotogurl350
'The Circle of Life'  #2 by davidlipsy
The Demise of Yellow Flower by gooseofstrathearn
CIRCLE OF LIFE by BizzlePhotography
Sparrowhawk and Prey by snowdon
IMG_6325 by hezzgates
Got a Fish! by MaggieClaire
mary and mum and dad by rachelurlich
Canola Field Catch by TracyDeptuck
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