Saint Isaac's Cathedral through the glass ball  by Akses
The Vatican  by andreaspallanzani
Flooded by kinoalyse
The Kea by RChristian
Valley Church by AdirahsEyes
Oia Village in the Evening, Santorini, Greece by ansharphoto
Church and Waterfall by dmytrokorol
Kea Portrait by RChristian
Unknown Germany pt. V by thephlog
prayer by pemaphoto
On the way to Bethlehem by stefanrobert
Norwegian ice by christianzedler
Phoenix by RChristian
Shout It From the Rooftops by ts446photo
Cathedral Of The Assumption by Bastetamon
Prague Fairytale by dmytrokorol
Bag End  by RChristian
The Tolga Convent of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin by Bastetamon
Snack by Scubadaddy
Zaragoza by vale_en
St. John the Baptist Church in Yaroslavl by Bastetamon
Christian science building by photoflea
Rest (2009) by ericchristopherj
Church Cross by David_R_Anderson
Moody Church, Weeping Willow by ts446photo
Chapel in the Hills by GregFaster
Sheltered under the rainbow  by danielamadariaga
On The Cross by ImagesByLouisa
The Tolga Convent of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin (Tolga Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin) by Bastetamon
Faras Gallery by larrywelch
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