Red Carnation by KevinGPhotography
 Carnation by KevinGPhotography
Louella and pink peony by severinealves
Pink (Miniature Carnation) by KevinGPhotography
Carnation in Sepia by KevinGPhotography
Colours by diegoscaglione
Purple Carnation by AnnJane
Just a Bouquet of Carnations. by Andrew08
Red-White Tulip by jonasweiss
DSC_2121 by margaretthomas
Once Upon a Flower by mcampi
Beautiful yellow Carneshan grown in hill country of Sri Lanka by mohansiri
DSC_2129-copy by margaretthomas
Carnation by ppls6
Cool Pink Tulips  by jonasweiss
Blue Carnation by EileenP
Blossom by georgejpatterson
DSC_5265 by margaretthomas
Birthday Bouquet by JVendetti
carnation by myownvision
Single Yellow Carnation 0120 by ThomasJerger
Hibiscus flower by arvindkumar_0813
Flower power by AmandaJayne
White Carnation Macro  by MeTooTimesTwo
Carnation by elainegill4
pink carnation and buds by RickL
Single Carnation 0218 by ThomasJerger
Carnation by photosbyerrn
DSC_1976 by margaretthomas
flower-3 by chrispegman
last blossom- uinique roses. by arvindkumar_0813
DSC_5253 by margaretthomas
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