Starterscafe by enriquekapie
The Postcard Cafe by chriswhittle
Poser Cat by TrillaPhotography
Little Blue at Sunset by rodbolt
Hard Rock New York by kcphotofilm
RUS_0201 by RustyM
Coupe De Ville by kalpachev
Almost Lunch Time by mcampi
cafe racer by Sensei
sunday at the coffee shop #1 by OliverSchleinLichtbilder
Sitting at the MPO by rodbolt
At the High Street Cafe by Cookies4U
Espersso window by navidshakeri
Memories and Coffee by GracefulFoto
Sunny-Side Table for Two by Daisy00
Photo  by ruhlhorn
Cafe by blacknightowscyaz
White by Ana-Photogirl99
The old narrow street Santa Maria, and its outdoor restaurants by americorocha
Extra Seating at Washington Circle by Cookies4U
Denmark - Copenhagen - Bicycle in Nyhavn in the Morning by jacobsurland
Bettys Cafe, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom by gilesrrocholl
splash of color by mzoom62
Night by enriquekapie
Café Bar-Evgeniya_006-DSC02695 by Fotoart_Nicolas_Carbenay
Music of the Hard Rock by mattraven
Sidewalk Cafe NYC 037 by Dacemac
Latte Art by karenalsop
Stairs to the light by marcocalandra89
Coffee in Guatemala  by LiaMarie
20819632_1581769321875417_6910772611278651724_o by heidivandijk
Blonde sipping on a cocktail in a French Riveira Style Cafe by jacovanrensburg