Common Lime Butterfly by RobbieRoss
feeding by Aeri
Hungry Butterfly by PhilMcCabe
Amazing Butterfly by Evi_Verstraeten
Swallow Tail by BZolle
Feeding Butterfly by snowdon
Painted Lady Butterflies by snowdon
0H8A9942 dgl 2 by donlipps
Butterfly by snowdon
Butterfly Feast by snowdon
Swallowtail Butterfly by snowdon
Rocky Habitat by snowdon
Butterfly by snowdon
 The butterfly and the orange by rickwilkinson_3800
Painted Lady by snowdon
Cabbage White Butterfly by Gilbert
Red Admiral Feeding by snowdon
Butterfly feeding by AndrewatWolfe
Photo  by reflectionsbyrenee
Hunger! by RosalbaMattaMachado
Last drop by jcsmontana
Small Copper by snowdon
Butterfly by lito
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly by snowdon
Fruity Flavour by NerjaRob
butterfly approach by margaretgaines
Feeding by JTello
Buckeye in a sea of purple  by SarahKeates
Monarch butterfly on pink flowers by SarahKeates
Hungry Butterfly by brianbaitystudio
Butterfly by Dragonfl_eyes_
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