Happy Australian Sheepdog Collie mix smiling with gorgeous Blue Eyes -Photo by Robson Smith by DRSmithFoto
Hobo Haircut by viviandemeuleleduc
Woodsy's Pup by viviandemeuleleduc
Eva my little Diva by jewlsravenwolf
Husky by barbarabrock
Wet Dog Fall by viviandemeuleleduc
Lounging around in her yard. by jewlsravenwolf
My Dog Wiggles by viviandemeuleleduc
Zach the Wonder dog by normanriggs
Husky by normanriggs
Zombie by Empath_Images
Old Blue Eyes by ShootYall
Blue eyed husky-Wolf. by sadiesereda
Happy Scary Halloween! by dougmathewson
Ole Blue Eyes by ShootYall
Big Frankie Reflecting by QBGal
Morning Pup by wendywalker_6332
Wistful by QBGal
Łucja by marthavdw
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