Royalty on the beach by CarliS
Stieglitz - Distelfink by JBramerPhotography
ugly-beauty by JBramerPhotography
Yellow Bird - seems Sparrow playing with stem by shamsamir
Blue breasted Roller  by shamsamir
Silvery Cheeked Hornbill by charlielynam
Three Sparrows by sagarag
Hornbill by shamsamir
Puffin by stumac
Bird Eating Grass Hopper by shamsamir
DSC_2092Indian peacock in full voice by richardellin
Eagle by sagarag
Doves by sagarag
Photo  by jackwills
Disturbing by JBramerPhotography
Eisvogel (kingfisher) [Alcedo atthis] by JBramerPhotography
Tailor Bird by sagarag
Arctic Tern looking for a perch by Thorngarn
You Turned MY World Upside Down by charlielynam
Shake it off by henktencate
DST_5505-Usambiro Barbet  by Tanners
Vulture by shamsamir
Cape White-eye by CathyWithers-Clarke
Crow by sagarag
Robin sitting surveying his territory by derektherev
Cassowary at Urimbirra.  by taurfoto
Graureiherpärchen by JBramerPhotography
Landing smooth by leonhugo
Fluffy Fella by BantamBluePhotography
Mandarin Duck by Mbeiter
Sentient by Vemsteroo
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