Leopard in Moremi by andytaylor756
Hippopotamus by gianlucapartengo
A beautiful Lion in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana. by Simon_eeman
The King with his Queen! by Giulia_avanzi
Family discussions! by Giulia_avanzi
Half a Lion by Simon_eeman
Meet the King by Sumaries
Up close and personal  by Kerry_Zim
Ruled By Instinct by AzuraPhotography
African Elephant cow and calf by JP54
Family by Kerry_Zim
Lone Ellie by Kerry_Zim
Cuddle time? by Simon_eeman
Crossing the River by Kerry_Zim
elephant texture by ac_photo
IMG_2757.JPG by JP54
Elephant- Black & White by Kerry_Zim
Thirst by GeraintI
If nature had mafia, I'm pretty sure these two would be the guys who came around to your den to break some legs if you were behind on your payments.  Is this soon to be a rare sight?  by GeraintI
Male Leopard by JP54
Close up of a young Lion! by Simon_eeman
Lioness love by tobie_schalkwyk
Brown spots in the green! by Giulia_avanzi
Photo  by WhistlingThorn
A beautiful female Leopard walking towards my camera! by Giulia_avanzi
Herd of Elephants drinking! by Simon_eeman
Sad Truth by rikusdv
Lone Elephant drinking in the forest, Botswana by andrevondeling
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