From Where I Sit... by DGriffiths
Bench At The Top Of The Bridge On The St. Lucie River by Jinjii
Stay a while by VanHarlan
Quiet Side of NYC by CreationsCaptured
_MG_3647 copy by inapandora
Sunrise at the Pier by dougmilligan
Perfect Sunset 2 square by swagner
Long Bench by IanLucasDrake
_ZOO3536 by jimdavis_8840 way by mariakeady
Rotorua Museum by sigridbh
Waiting by rhmimages
Pair of Benches with Stunning Sunset - FDR’s Springwood (last visit 4-12-1945) Hyde Park, NY 10-16-2016. by davidpcherniak
Fort D'IF by jargonart
A Bench With A View by Ramona12Photography
clock tower-1 by jimdavis_8840
Benches On The Boardwalk by Madzebra
Greenhouse and Garage by Bazz
Benches3_Fortrose_02.11.08 by laureenofscotts
Sunrise   by MIsabel
Reflecting the Docks by adriansart
Shadow Abstract by eyeDream
Footsteps in the Snow by lilac33
Foggy Park 2 by JMHmy87
Lonely Bench on Main Street  by RebeccaL
Setting Sun, Wales by GeraintRowlandPhotography
Alone in the Park by Brian104
bench with a view. by bearinmybackyard
waiting by ronstrong
Fall Into Ohio  by hannibalventura
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