Iconic Seating by snowdon
Waiting for somebody by Heaven-sleeping1989
Nice pants and socks! by marilenavaccarini
First Steps of Fall by PatECakes
Ray of Sun by maryhale9534
With A View by geopapa
Movable Bench by Rustybucket8472
Happy Valentine's Day... by sweetpea72
park benches by Agnieszka_Bak
The odd one out!!!  by judithwatts
A Place of Reflecrion by pamm16
tulip landscape 01068 LR  by lianeadele
My Happy Place by adavies
Cindy The Cow... by sweetpea72
A Bench With A View by Ramona12Photography
Autumn benchline by hesperus
On the Boardwalk  by dvierno
Pink Carpet by RustyRusty
Porch and wagon by tinawiley
Tree by the Sea on a Misty Day by IndyJ
Benching_B&W by geopapa
Three's Company by EileenP
Unbench_B&W by geopapa
Spanish Stripes by alansmith_8240
Transpier by Michael_Quinn
ONE of My Fave Subjects To Shoot... by sweetpea72
Long Seat by geopapa
Twin Benches by EileenP
Back to Reality by Tanjica
Ready for Christmas by NanaSue54
St Patricks Cathedral New York by hakanrosenquist