Catfish by LorenzoMittiga
Shu-qi the grooming poser by NicciPh
Summer Storm Over the Manzano's II by dondurante
Barbed Snowflake by acglock
dainty yet dangerous by 7541_1259
IMG_3602 by michellemunday
Dragonfly by gauravsingh_9065
saguaro cactus, Tucson AZ by crickett267
Daft as a brush! by MichelleKwilliams
barbed wire by wolfman57
Prickly Pears by dondurante
ouch by Roy_Burkhart_III
Twisted No Entry by janetcapps
Cactus and Wild Flowers by dondurante
Hooked by Lchend
L O V E ♥️ by 7541_1259
crowned jewel by 7541_1259
Song Sparrow by SMBPhotography
Still Eating! by acglock
Barbed wool by nuna_01
Inverted Barbs by KrakenWaker
Blowfish dance by christieebusch
DSC05732~6-spotted tiger beetle by cheryljwhite
Wet Fence by DJCP
Creepy by SunitaMenon
Behind the wire by jack1996
Whats with all the catfish this year?? by Melanie37
Barbed Leather by Sweetened
Circular Barbed Wire Fence at Patton Museum by 411Shirley
Barbed Wire by JazzyJunk
Sun Screen by Bartle_Halpin
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