Pelicans On Rocks by RChristian
Red Back Wren by Sylvia_Wallis
White Breasted Wood Swallows by nosrac
Major Mitchell Cockatoo by robertarmstrong_2615
Family affair by Deboodle
'Wake me when it's time to go' - Dusky Wood Swallows by nosrac
White cheeked Honeyeaters by heatherthorning
'Best foot forward' Eastern Rosella by nosrac
Crimson Rosella by nosrac
Variegated Fairy Wren by nosrac
Dollar Bird by nosrac
Getting a Good Look by barbarabrock
Rainbow Lorikeet by jstgoxo
Curlew by robertarmstrong_2615
Sulphur-crested cockatoo in flight by WandaO
Friendly Emu  by jstgoxo
Wetlands Bird by jstgoxo
Kingfisher 3 by Brad_Grove
Kookaburra by robertarmstrong_2615
Buff-banded Rail by nosrac
Pied Currawong Feeding Channel-billed Cuckoo Chick by nosrac
Kookaburra by Izapix
Eastern Spinebill by WandaO
Superb Fairy-wren by WandaO
Grebe by robertarmstrong_2615
"Ignore him and he might go away!" by fergiesfabfotos
Spotted Pardalote Male by WandaO
Bobby The Red Tailed Black Cockatoo by jstgoxo
rainbow lorikeet portrait by DonnaRacheal
Double Barred Finch 003 by fergiesfabfotos
Brown Goshawk in the garden by WandaO
Female Black Cockatoo by jstgoxo
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