Bayon, Cambodia by timpryce
Time for a break by Fitzherbert
Bridge Guards. by Fitzherbert
Tree Growing on Building by fredstein
Alone in the darkness by dmitriyfd
Stoned Face by fredstein
Angkor Wat by smijh
Angkor Wat by timpryce
Back in Time by SteveBadger
Walking the enlightened path. by ANYWHEREIROAM
Angkor Wat - Photo within a Photo by alieshamandyphotography
Ancient growth at Angkor Wat, Cambodia! by Mtneye
Angkor Wat by Forrest_Brown
Angkor Vat  by aivarpihelgas
After the storm by viven
Sunrise at Angkor by hemasaran
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Stairway to Heaven, Gateway to...? by MadhouseHeaven
Monks Visiting, Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
The Monk by RobertoPazziPhotography
Angkor Vat by aivarpihelgas
Tree roots at Angkor Wat ruins by SylviaRourke
Antique Frame by MatW
Angkor Thom Liveview by MatW
Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
Angkor Wat splendor! by Mtneye
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 Apsara in Angkor Wat, Cambodia   by redchina
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