Hair Glow by claudiorussa
Calendula Asteraceae by MaxRastello
Calendula Marigold by MaxRastello
Orchidaceae by MaxRastello
Beauty Rose by MaxRastello
Belvedere by twieczorek
Gates to paradise by twieczorek
Golden Sunset in Cuba by Seisselberg
Blu eyes by BartLaGioia
Early autumn morning by twieczorek
The beauty in old things by GraziaMele
Crested Grebes in Lake Garda 3 by ColinDixonPhotography
Just Love... by giovannivolpe
Rain Love by marcogabbuggiani
Shades of Love by jennert
Amore e Psiche by Rik_62
Bungalow love by DickRitchie
"Amore fraterno" by marcogabbuggiani
Crested Grebes in Lake Garda 12 by ColinDixonPhotography
Yes it is! by HazeGrayPixels
Tuscany path by AntonioMarchetti
grizzly love by carmenb2
Dog+cat by OlgaSkupova
Via dell'Amore by lisadaviescraney
Good morning from Dolomites by twieczorek
Capri into the blue by AntonioMarchetti
Good morning from Italy by twieczorek
Summer portrait by AntonioMarchetti
Created Grebes in love by ColinDixonPhotography
My model.. by claudiorussa
Photo  by DickRitchie
the keeper of hope by GraziaMele
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