Thin red line by Bastetamon
Two sides of the same coin by Bastetamon
The King is dead long live the King by Bastetamon
Lambo Agression by mzoom62
Stalemate by Bastetamon
Buzz off! by Porsche
IMG_48091  Brutal Ape... by morriskleyman
Grizzily Bear by MsJudi
Angry Lion by marcdejager
Don't mess with the boss by CathyWithers-Clarke
Bear Feet by windycorduroy
I've got your back... by DanielParent
"GO AWAY" SAYS MR. BLUE JAY by beckyreding
PAS DE DEAUX  by WolfAvni
Jackal Debate by LajosE
Anger monkey by sergiibravissimos
Protecting Cub 1-2-97 by samtyler
Closeup tiger face by Prin
Grizzly Love by windycorduroy
Angry Egret by peterfarmer
Caught by the Peelers by dougplume
You want a piece of me? by SoularFlair
Key to the beast within by darrenbaileylrps
Cat by Kozorog
Siberian tiger resting by Michaelmeijer
THE ANSWER IS NO by Paul_Joslin
AT PACE by GrahamCooke
On the watch by johannesoehl
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