Mono barren by Johnsalterego
The Engineer by jackapowers
Buzzard Heights by GregFaster
wagons ho by Johnsalterego
The Great Cassini by GregFaster
the stare by Johnsalterego
Photo  by aimeebug
Photo  by aimeebug
Firework Abstract by bpwhite
CCC by Johnsalterego
Kayak Relaxation by bpwhite
obscured by Johnsalterego
Independence Day Light Trails by bpwhite
Texas Sky  by romrod
Photo  by aimeebug
need a taps player by Johnsalterego
Blink and You’ll Miss It by aimeebug
Photo  by aimeebug
Abilene 4th of July by bpwhite
Photo  by aimeebug
Secret Thoughts by HBPhotoTx
Mafia Strong by aimeebug
mono stare by Johnsalterego
Texas Skies ???? by romrod
mono zen by Johnsalterego
Abilene Sunset by romrod
Side pose of a curious adolescent.  by garrettblake
General Dwight D. Eisenhower  by kjfishman
IMG_0961 a Specatater Sport by groovyalartist
steps by Johnsalterego
Weathered Vane by Stookey
Cloudy Sunset by romrod
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