The "Launch" by petermurphy_3021
Yellow Bird - seems Sparrow playing with stem by shamsamir
Pine Warbler  by CarolSadler
Female Orchard Oriole.  by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Mosquito Look Out by Hood
Sitting Pretty by hotfoot
Silver-throated Tanager  by BFinkelstein
Dinner by hotfoot
Lunch  time by snowbird16
Blue Tit by Keefyboy
Blue Tit by Keefyboy
American Goldfinch by HJosey
Taveta Golden Weaver by fredstein
Pine Warbler   by CarolSadler
At the Edge by ClaudiaKuhn
white flight by geertweggen
Pale Headed Rosella by Burnettj
A Seagull Portrait by JonDavatzPhotography
Searching for Bugs by terryc
regents parrot by DonnaRacheal
Yellow weaver by shamsamir
Jump by tamrynbertram
Summer Tanager Female by BFinkelstein
Playing Peekaboo with a Yellow Warbler... by BoudoirBeauty4All
Yellow Robin by wildpainter
Collared Redstart by BFinkelstein
eyes by sergioabellovillanueva
Blue-headed Wagtail (Motacilla flava) by p_vaida
American Goldfinch Digital Art by KayBrewer
Scarlet Myzomela by Burnettj
Are you taking my picture? by macormic
IMG_7193 by Herbetch