The shepherd by jnrr
The Footprints of years by Bonny-BahniGhosh
The Elder by RobertoPazziPhotography
Hallowed be thy name by EmmanuelCoveney
Birth and Rebirth by FramedPhotography
Sylvia by olivierlw
Elderly Indigenous Woman in Cotacachi by rhamm
Watching the world go by by Jenn81
lucia by olivierlw
In Thought by The_Whitography_Project
marta b&w by olivierlw
Homeless Woman in the Market by rhamm
Old Lady Smoking by SURREALIMAGE
Eye to Eye by WalterHowor
Lucia by olivierlw
004b by olivierlw
Crosspath by olivierlw
Bulldog 1 by Pstraziuso
Beggar in a park by rhamm
loneliness by inapandora
Holy man by olivierlw
The Shopkeeper by RobertoPazziPhotography
The fisherman by olivierlw
The Benevolent Stranger by lensvoodoo
1118 by olivierlw
Negative Space by amyycreighton
Countryside man by szocsannamaria
All the stories by PauloViegas
0847 by olivierlw
hector b&w by olivierlw
Destiny by Paklang
Wrinkle-faced Bat by MGamba-Rios
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